THE INTERNET IS AN OCEAN - YOU SHOULD BE A TRAWLER, NOT A SEAGULL. The internet is like an ocean. You have the deep web and the shallow web and the deep web is dark and fucked up and there are things down there that you don’t really want to know about and i mean probably some fucked up multinational offshore government money stuff going on but anyway the internet is an ocean. This is a net. Consider this a net. The internet is an ocean and the deep web is the dark web and there’s a shallow web as well, consider the shallow web - facebook, some stuff from the dark web or gore sites or whatever occasionally pop up there like that picture of the dead syrian kid washed up in turkey, the thing about the web is some things are buoyant and float to the surface. So what is the surface? If we have established that there is a shallow and deep web then what is the surface? The surface - clickbait sites, iTunes, top 10 lists, snapchat, and so forth. The surface is stuff that is extremely user friendly and sometimes tailored to phones, stuff you sort of can carry with you and interact with easily and efficiently without much thought - stuff that just works. Closed systems, tailored and somewhat controlled by whoever is earning money from it. It merely floats there on the surface. Now the thing with the ocean is that whatever is in the depths and floats up tends to get depressurized or pressurized or whatever, i know this because i grew up in a fjord. Sometimes you get these weird red fish uer that often are dead by the time they reach the surface because of the pressure changes. Online information is sort of like that, by the time it gets found or uploaded it is pure and just living its own life as a small insignificant fish just chilling out somewhere between the surface and the bottom but then as it begins to be dissected (Art jargon), digested and understood and commented on and so forth by the media, people, buzzfeed, reddit, whatever it becomes something else. That’s why there’s something beautiful about stuff that's uploaded on youtube by someone who doesn’t care about clicks, ads, adsense or whatever and are just trying out technology. When you take a picture with your camera its usually named after certain naming conventions, for instance “IMG0004” or “DCIM0046.jpeg”,”.mov”,”.avi”, and so forth. You can find this stuff on youtube or google image search by searching for these naming conventions and just adding a bunch of random characters. Maybe your grandmother uploaded it by mistake. That’s the beauty of it, that’s the pure internet, that’s the undissected and undigested and un-fucking-buzzfeedfiltered or reddit-upvoted internet. It’s the true underground and the true fodder for original ideas. If the internet is an ocean then you’re a trawler just filtering everything and accepting all the information to throw out the small or ugly fish yourself. In the words of Eric Cantona: `When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea'